"I am impressed, as always, with the quality of the horses from Accent Ranch. The black mare (Sabrina) I purchased from them definately has the athletic ability to do just about anything. This is a picture of her as a coming 3 year old. All I can say is what a beautiful talented horse she is."

- Jerry T. of  Arizona
"Newt and Janie Pawley out of Cody, WY go back to a long line of Cowboy Generations . They live with their horses and cattle in the rugged nature of North Central Wyoming where the landscape is most beautiful and the trails are demanding on the horses.

Newt and Janie have bred outstanding Quarterhorses and Appaloosas since 1965 . Their horses are healthy, pretty and have an excellent mind. They are reliable partners for ranch work, cattle work and trail riding in the mountains.

Newt and Janie are knowledgeable, friendly and honest people who can advise you on which horse is suitable for you as reliable mount and flashy looking equine companion.

My husband Ray and I have bought wonderful mares from Newt and Janie Pawley . Both mares are outstanding riding horses and excellent brood mares. They are a valuable addition to our Foundation Appaloosa brood mare herd. "

- Ray and Irina Weese 
of  Appaloosa Ranch in Wyoming
The images above are of the mare Zippity (we purchased from Accent Ranch) and her new 2010 filly.
"Hello Pawley Family! Thank you  once again for allowing us to visit your ranch. We were pleasantly
surprised how well trained your fjord horses are!  They are really reliable trail horses. Best regards."

- Kathrin & Evelyn of Switzerland
"I have 2 registered Quarter horse mares that I have been taking to Accent Ranch's stallion, Zips Commander, I've been doing so for the past 4 years and am very happy with the results! All the foals my mares have produced have been very nice! One of my mares lacks a little bit in hip conformation, but zips excellent hip has carried through every time to produce awesome foals!. I highly recommend Accent Ranch and their beautiful stallion Zips Commander!"

- Joel Barns of Wapiti, Wyoming
"I have known Newt & Janie Pawley for over 20 years. I have purchased 5 horses from them.  My current horses, Appaloosas and a Fjord are all "Pawley Horses.

The horses all have wonderful dispositions, and are "quite the lookers. They are nice, easy gaited and well trained.

If you are looking for all around horses, you can't go wrong buying from Accent Ranch."

- Barbara Cook of Rawlins, Wyoming
""Roper"--Dun By Request (literally) was a weanling I purchased from Newt and Janie several years ago. Roper, I must say, has got to be one of the most easy going, gentle souls around. He is a horse anybody can ride and takes everything in stride. Roper and I completed two 100 mile Chief Joseph rides covering Oregon, Idaho and Montana. We also did many 4th of July parades and Grand Entries for the Rodeo along with pack trips and trail riding. Roper is a son of Jimmy and out of a mare the Pawleys owned named Sonny. Roper is definitely one of the sweetest horses I have ever owned. "

- Jackie Strain of Cody, Wyoming
""Commander is a colt I purchased as a weanling that is a son of Zip and a grandson of Jimmy. You couldn't ask for a better combination! What could be better than a spotted Zip colt! Not only does this combination produce color, but you also get the easy going temperment along with it. As an adult horse, you couldn't ask for a more easy going, loveable, calm, honest horse. As a three year old I was riding Commander in the parade. As a four year old I was doing Cowboy Mounted Shooting on him. Commander is one of those treasured horses that I feel I could take him anywhere and he would do anything I ask. He is truly a testimony to Newt and Janie's breeding program of beautiful, honest and wonderful horses."

- Jackie Strain of Cody, Wyoming
""Cisco is a few spot leopard appaloosa colt (full brother to Sundance) whose sire was Jimmy. As a three year old Cisco and I traveled from Red Lodge Montana to Cody on the Centennial Wagon Drive, the 4th of July Parade and the Grand Entry in the 4th of July Rodeo. He also qualified for Appaloosa World Championship Horse Show in Western Pleasure, English Pleasure and Trail as a junior horse. Cisco was a gem and I never hesitated to put any type of rider on him. He carried me many miles up and down the trail and loved to get out and do a job.

All of these accomplishments couldn't have been done without the outstanding breeding of Pawley's stallion Jimmy and the years and years of hard work to make sure the horses bred and raised by the Pawley's were only the best. Even though Jimmy is no longer with us, the time and dedication of excellent breeding is evident as Zip takes over as head sire. All these colts have excelled in anything they have been asked to do. If I have a mare to breed or a colt to buy, Pawley's is the first place I look and for good reason. The pictures are evidence of that.

- Jackie Strain of Cody, Wyoming
""Treasure is my latest baby, a beautiful bay filly out of Zip. Once again Zip has instilled a great disposition in his offspring as you can see by her picture with our dog Tess. Tess was there when she was born and the two of them quickly developed a lasting friendship. Treasure is two now and just started her training. Her willingness to please and friendly attitude is always a pleasure to be around. I'm not sure yet what Treasure's future plans may be, but I am looking forward to many years of riding on this beautiful athletic filly. "

- Jackie Strain of Cody, Wyoming
"I have a Zips Commander colt that turned 4 years old at the end of May 2010. Newt & Janie foaled her and I was around her from near birth.  She is the easiest horse to be around, train, and watch grow physically and mentally I have ever dealt with. When she was 3 I rode her 60 or 70 hours, some of that alone. She has been in the mountains on four pack trips and she was often calmer in a tricky situation than much older horses. Ishawoo Belle is 15.2 hands with good sized hard feet and big boned."

- John McGee of Cody, Wyoming
""When you pair one black beauty with another, the results can be amazing – and that’s what I call “Midnight”, son of Zip’s Commander and Raven (AQHA Nina Blue). Midnight started his formal dressage training this year, moving with grace and elegance in all three gaits - but his education won’t stop in the arena. Midnight has the quiet & calm confidence that will make him a wonderful trail horse. I see a lot of Zip in Midnight’s disposition…a real all ‘round “thinking” horse - the kind that you can create a longtime partnership with. "

Thanks, Newt & Janie!

- Michaele Dimock of Cody, Wyoming
""These are a few pictures of Fawn this fall. She is awesome. We love her ."

- Kim
""What an amazing and memorable week I spent with Janie and Newt Pawley on Accent Ranch! I spent a week working with the horses and taking lessons from Janie. Janie's experience and wisdom gave me a whole new level of knowledge and confidence. I loved being around the different breeds and I walked away with "spotted fever" as well as a fondness for the loving Fjords. Janie and Newt, I will be forever grateful for the week I was able to spend with you on your ranch andI hope to make a return trip sooner than later."

- C G