We at the Accent Ranch take great pride in our Norwegian Fjord Horses. The Norwegian Fjord Horses that we raise have the ability to succeed in many disciplines, from jumping to driving and trail riding.

Our Norwegian Fjord stallions, "Thor" and "Zane", and our band of Norwegian Fjord brood mares have made it possible to provide great Norwegian Fjord Horses for sale. Many of our Norwegian Fjord Horses for sale are sold as weanlings. On occassion we have two year old Norwegian Fjord Horses and three year old Norwegian Fjord Horses for sale.

You can view some of our past Norwegian Fjord Horses that we raised on our slideshow below. To view more information on our Norwegian Fjord stallion "Thor" please see our Stallions page.
Norwegian Fjord Mare and Foal Colt
Norwegian Fjord Horses
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Accent Ranch Norwegian Fjord Horses
Norwegian Fjord Breed History
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Our Norwegian Fjord Horse Pictures
The Norwegian Fjord horse was domesticated in Norway over 2,000 years ago. They were used to pull Viking ships up the Fjords of Norway and also taken on the ships to be ridden by the Viking warriors in battle. Fjords played an important part in the farming of the mountain meadows as well as herding sheep and goats. At the end of WWII, the breed had dwindled to about 600 horses because so many were eaten by the forces occupying Norway. The Norwegian government has taken over the Fjord horse breeding program and instituted strict regulation.

Bjorgard (Norwegian Fjord Sire of our Stud Thor)