Gray Norwegian Fjord Stallion ​Standing at Stud
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Pines Zane of A2Z is a 2000 Norwegian Fjord Stallion. We purchased Zane as a weanling foal from The Downing's in Illinois.

We had gone in search of Fjord mares and instead fell for this little fellow with the unusual Grey color and Zebra stripes running down his legs. He was a good fit with our Fjord herd and has crossed well with our Thor daughters.

The Norwegian Fjord horse was domesticated in Norway over 2,000 years ago. They were used to pull Viking ships up the Fjords of Norway and also taken on the ships to be ridden by the Viking warriors in battle. Fjords played an important part in the farming of the mountain meadows as well as herding sheep and goats. At the end of WWII, the breed had dwindled to about 600 horses because so many were eaten by the forces occupying Norway. The Norwegian government has taken over the Fjord horse breeding program and instituted strict regulation.

Zane is a good representative of the Breed. He stands 14 Hands tall and is the unusual Grey Dun color. Most are the Brown Dun color. His head is well defined with a broad flat forehead, large eyes, small and alert ears. His neck is well muscled and crested, body short coupled with good depth. He has the large heart girth and well developed muscles. Norwegian Fjord's are known for their kind and gentle nature and are truly People oriented. Zane is all of the above.
Stud Fee: $600.00
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Pines Zane of A2Z Gray Norwegian Fjord Stallion